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wi-fi calling: continuous notifications it's available - how to stop it?

4: Newbie

I have an unlocked Huawei P20 Pro, dual sim (CLT-L29). Wi-fi calling works with Vodafone, EE and Three, but Vodafone is the only network which causes constant notifications to pop-up on my phone, to let me know that wi-fi calling is available. I could maybe understand that a notification appears the first time I connect to a wi-fi network (even though no such notification appears with the other 2 mobile operators), but why I sometimes get 3 notifications in 5 minutes, when I am 2 metres from the wi-fi router and with a perfect wi-fi signal, is beyond me.


Does this happen to other people? Is it a Vodafone thing? Is it the combination of Vodafone + P20 Pro? Is there a way to stop it?


I limited it this way:

 setting -> apps -> more -> show system processes -> phone -> notifications -> wi-fi calling and disable all the options (display in status bar, etc.)


but some notifications still filter through.





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Hey @cdl, thanks for getting in touch; all those notifications do sound frustrating.

I'm not quiet sure what could be causing them 🤔 Do you have Wi-Fi assist turned on?  I'm wondering if the phone connects to the mobile network which is boosted by your Wi-Fi; then advises you that Wi-Fi Calling is available.

It's worth a check, let us know how you get on 👍

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2: Seeker

I am having the exact same issue since my Huawei updated a few days ago. 

Is incredibly frustrating and I can't seem to stop it..

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16: Advanced member

I had the same with my P20, I never used WiFi calling as I'm never without a signal or if I was and had WiFi I'd use WhatsApp anyway, so I just disabled WiFi calling 

Huawei P20 EML-L09,

Android Version - 9.0.0

Last Update 28.1.19 


Baseband- 21C20B369S007C000
Nova Launcher. Chrome browser.

My phone history (back to 1997!):

Huawei P20, VF Smart V8, Note 4, S4, S2, Tocco Ultra, F490, P300, E250, RAZR v3, Timeport 250, A300, Star-Tac 


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Hi @Leenametis have you tried the idea that @TJ suggested at all? 

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2: Seeker

I'm assuming by WiFi assist (ios term) he means wifi+  as in switching between WiFi and 4g?

Yes it's enabled but it's very useful as I have low signal quality at home and my WiFi doesn't reach one room in my house. 

At the moment I've solved the issue above by just turning off WiFi calling but for the reasons above it would be useful to have. 

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1: Seeker

Interesting. I found this thread as I was also having problems with annoying notifications from Vodafone Wi-Fi calling.

Thing is I don't have it enabled, yet I get repeated notifications that it is enabled.

Tried enabling it then disabling it to see if this stopped them, but the problem persists. Anyone got any ideas?

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@JaWoody Apart from the advice TJ provided above regarding having Wi-Fi assist active, we can't seem to think what else could be causing these continuous notifications. 

When you're enabling it and disabling it, are you doing this in your phone settings? If so, you may want to also check your My Vodafone app, which will allow you to disable it on your account as well. 

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1: Seeker


I don't have Wi Fi assist enabled as it seems to be a bit finicky at times and find everythings fine with just having Wi Fi and Mobile data enabled as normal. I'll look into the My Vodafone app thanks.

It seems I get the message whenever I go in and out of range of a Wireless network I already have saved on my phone, so it looks like I just automatically get the notification when I connect to a wi fi networks.

In the meantime I've just switched notifications off for this, it doesn't seem to be doing anything untoward, it's just annoying.

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