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Can you use Rewardz data abroad?

3: Seeker

First time posting here so - Thanks in advance for any help.


I have a vodafone 785 PAYG and heading to Spain for a week.

Looking for way to connect laptop to internet using  my phone.

Saw that I can get 250MB data for 7 days using my Rewardz points.

Will I be able to use that data to tether my phone?

(FYI I usually am on a Freebie bundle at home and use that for tethering but understand that I can't use my data allowance overseas)


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Community Champion (Retired)

Hi @SilviaJones


I've had a quick look at the Rewards catalogue, and that is very clear that the 250MB are of UK data, so they aren't going to help you in Spain. 


I gather you had already seen my post here :smileywink:, and I can't add much to that. If you have an active Big Value Bundle while you are away, then EuroTraveller for PAYG would enable you to use your minutes and texts, but you would get the EuroTraveller allowance of 100MB per day in which you triggered the £3 daily data charge.


It all depends on how much you anticipate using your phone. The standard roaming rates within Europe are very modest, much less than at home, so I certainly found it better value not to opt in to EuroTraveller, but just use the standard roaming rates. However, I used very little data, so the sliding scale for low data usage was very much in my favour.


I have to confess to being puzzled that you apparently use a Vodafone 785 on Big Value Bundle for tethering in the UK - the theory is that that shouldn't be possible! I have a 785, so perhaps I'd better try it.


The "Data on the go" section is really for mobile broadband devices and the like, so I'll move this to the PAYG Products & Services section.

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3: Seeker

Thanks for the detailed reply.

In Spain now and running internet on the Eurotraveller - working well so far.

Would like to know where I can see how much data of the 100MB daily allowance I'm using.

Can't see it in my 'Current Usage' and nothing under "EXTRAS".

Will keep searching or wait til I get a "You are almost out of data for today text".:smileywink:

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Community Champion (Retired)

I have read complaints about not being able to see usage figures for EuroTraveller, and I don't think I've seen an answer. I guess you get a warning text!


I've had a look at my Vodafone 785, and, if you go to Settings, then data usage, you do get some measure - however, it only seems to have a cycle of 1 month, and you can change when the cycle begins, but you can't change the cycle to a week or a day.


Does your security app include a data counter? Mostly they include a data counter, and mine can be set as low as a one-day cycle; it also has the potential to shut off data once a limit is reached. Worth bearing in mind that the app's measure may not be the same as Vodafone's, so set any limit or alert to below the 100MB.


I have a separate data counter widget on my home screen, so that I can keep an eye on usage, and again, you can set your cycle length. Though for me it's all very notional, as I live in an area of poor signal, and feel I'm really going it if I reach 100MB in a month!


Enjoy your trip!

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3: Seeker

Great info - thanks.

I see what you mean about the monthly data usage cycle. What I've done is just change it every morning to a new month so I start the day at 0MB. A bit of a pain but it's working.

Will check into your widget thought - great idea.

Thanks again.

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