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Galaxy S4 Battery drain

2: Seeker

Ive had my S4 for about 8 months - very happy with it until recently.


It now drains the battery really quickly. Example:


I charge it up overnight then in the morning it isnt always at 100%. When I use it on the train I can get maybe 5 or 6 rounds of (say) candy crush by which time the battery will be down to 40%, Next thing, it just stops and battery is drained completely.

Also, the home button isnt as 'springy' as it used to be. Screen was changed about 2 months ago after cracking it....could the button have anything to do with battery drain?


I have clean master and battery doctor and use them both.



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16: Advanced member

Hi there


It could be an issue with your battery - there were quite a few faulty batteries shipped by Samsung.  Take it out and have a good look at it.  If it is slightly swollen, it could indicate an issue. 


Do also be aware that if either of those Apps clear what is in your phone's memory, they can actually make your battery life worse.  Why?  Because Android is very efficient at managing memory and by removing stuff from memory, the phone is going to consume more power as Android reloads the App into memory.


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17: Community Champion

I'd definitely go with trying a new battery first.  Talk to Samsung as they've been pretty good about replacing them.


Do you allow the battery to go flat?   That'll shorten its life exponentially and could account for this.  Due to the known issues, I doubt Samsung'll ask too many questions, but it's something the remember for the future.

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4: Newbie
Thank you
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Moderator (Retired)

Hi StuO,


Thanks to drey_p and hrym for the information they’ve provided.


Try removing the two apps you mention and see if your battery life improves.


If it doesn’t, take your phone to a Vodafone store.


It’ll be checked over and sent for repair if necessary.


Alternatively, as has been mentioned, you can speak with Samsung directly.



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