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HTC synched calendar out by one day - January and February 2016 only

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I missed an appointment earlier this week:  Outlook said Wednesday.  My synced M9 said Thursday.  I believed the phone as I was away from my computer.  However, appointments created on the phone were on the correct day in both places.


It seems HTC know about this fault which is due to the Leap Year, but have failed to fix it yet.


If you get through to HTC or Vodafone support, don't be bamboozled intro a full factory reset as I heard some poor mug was.  It's a software issue.  They need to fix it from their end...


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

You're quite right, a factory reset won't solve this and, if it's an HTC issue, only they can solve this.   I avoid anything that syncs Outlook like the plague - I've had calendars messed up royally when I've tried it!    (I now use Google calendar and enter things manually.  Twice as much work, though time saved when you have to unravel it all :smileysurprised:)


It never fails to amaze me how many things can disrupt calendars.  Leap years are hardly a new thing, but I've even seen decades cause problems!

We use Outlook at work, so it needs to sync with Outlook.  HTC seem to be dragging their heels though.  And as you say, a Leap Year is hardly a new thing!  And, yes, HTC sync has messed my calendars, and contacts many time before!  I think in general it's improving though, but certainly it's not there yet.


(Privately, I use Google Calendar -  enter details on the webpage which miraculously turn up on my phone!)

Just phoned HTC and they confirm it is their fault - a technician is looking into it - when will it be fixed I ask - dont know is the answer. It's a leap year issue - good grief all the world knows this is a leap year surely. Great phones - rubbish software. Just affects January and February 2016 - so just wish your life away in the meantime!

Thought I was going mad - turned up at a meeting a day late ha ha not!!

We need to keep the pressure on HTC for a swift solution.

As of this morning HTC Support say they're still working on it.  If they are, they're slow!  It looks like they've known about it since at least early December 2015.


On HTC Forums


Polyglot says:


I too have had this issue since the beginning of December 2015. Since it followed an interrupted synchronization, and because I had already had a similar issue in May 2014 it took me a while to realize it is apparently created by an HTC Sync Manager software issue and so many other users had it, too. My case seems to be a bit more serious because I also have contacts disappearing either completely (mostly from Outlook), or appearing empty with the content still present on the phone but not accessible in Outlook (2010).

I am now following up on my support ticket in which HTC a month ago had told me nothing about this known issue and simply suggested a factory reset which fortunately I didn't do.

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

I wonder whether a factory reset solves it in some instances, or whether it's just their stock response to any problem?   For something that's a known issue with them - and doesn't seem to be guaranteed to be solved by a reset - I'd avoid the hassle.

In this instance a factory reset would do nothing as it's a software fault.  Meanwhile, HTC advised someone who reported on the HTC Forums to do a factory reset.  And of course it did notheing except create hassle no doubt.

I have spoken to HTC twice now - it is indeed a software fault - leapyear apparently. Presume they dont have leapyears in Taiwan! On each occasion they said they were aware of the problem and were working on a fix (first call was two weeks ago). Last HTC phone for me - what utter goons HTC are!