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How to stop spam texts from Vodafone?

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

I've recently switched to Vodafone pay as you go and the signal seems good but I hate receiving all the spam texts from Vodafone about Rewards and Big Bundles.


I've tried sending STOP to the number they specify (9774). I've tried sending STOP ALL. No confirmation reply and nothing changes.

I've even tried forwarding the texts to the number Vodafone has (7726) for tracking and helping with spam, but it wasn't able to help me either.


If anyone can help with stopping these texts then I would be grateful :Smiling: Then I can go back to just receiving texts about things I care about.


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hi @markedmonds



You could ring Vodafone on 191 or use Live Chat to opt out of marketing. 


If your phone has the facility you could also block numbers via the text blocking feature. 

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Samsung Galaxy s²³ Ultra 512gb Phantom Black.



Thanks BandOfBrothers, that was very useful information!


The Live Chat was excellent and the assistant was extremely swift and knew exactly what to do.


(I wouldn't recommend 191 for this as I ended up down a rabbit hole of different options and couldn't find a way to actually speak to a person.)

You're welcome and it's good to hear you've been sorted out. 



Current Phone  >

Samsung Galaxy s²³ Ultra 512gb Phantom Black.



Unfortunately still getting these spam texts from Vodafone about rewards - so the live chat didn't work.


The texts still continue to say send STOP to 9774 to end them, but that doesn't work either.


I can't see a way to block the sender - there isn't any number, it just says from "Vodafone" on my phone.


Any other suggestions for who I could speak to to get these stopped?

Hi @markedmonds


This sounds odd. I am going to send you a Private Message with further help on this. 



Thanks Louise. I have filled out the form and sent it with info, so hopefully they can help :Smiling:

Thank you @markedmonds


Our team will reply as soon as possible. 



I've since had multiple contacts with the support/help team both on email and by phone all to no avail. These were some of their suggestions:

- turn on premium text barring

- text STOP to 97774 instead of 9774

- they would contact the relevant team directly to stop the spam texts


Unfortunately none of them have worked and I am still receiving these marketing texts, and they still say I can opt out by sending STOP to 9774 which doesn't work. Apart from one which said 9744 which also didn't work.


The end result is I have given up and ordered a new sim so I can switch to a different network provider.



Hi @markedmonds


Let me know the reference number you've received from the email communication with our team; it'll look like this: [#14xxxxxx] - with this I can get this chased up for you.