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How to stop spam texts from Vodafone?

I've recently switched to Vodafone pay as you go and the signal seems good but I hate receiving all the spam texts from Vodafone about Rewards and Big Bundles.   I've tried sending STOP to the number they specify (9774). I've tried sending STOP ALL. ...

Resolved! Vodafone lied about free Sure signal box

Wishing I had never come over to Vodafone. I took out a contract after being told that my area  was fine for signal but now find out its rubbish unless standing outside ie zero bars indoors .I’ve had various  calls to Vodafone about it and this morni...

stu68 by 3: Seeker
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Resolved! Faulty Sure Signal box

So, I've had my Sure Signal box for around 5 years now and just recently it's gone wrong. I've rang Vodafone a few times and they've suggested various things to try to fix it, which i had alredy explained that I had done... (resetting Sure Signal box...

Triginho by 4: Newbie
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Resolved! SureSignal control panel

Hi   Anyone know where the SureSignal control panel appears now. Vodafone have redesigned My Vodafone and there's now no option to access SureSignal settings that I can find.   Thanks.

Resolved! Repeated text messages - "We still do not have any details"

I have a replacement Sure Signal box.  I have registered it apparently successfully including entering the postcode for the location of the box.  When I received the first "We still do not have any details of the new location ..."  I enetered the pos...

stamike by 3: Seeker
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Resolved! SSV3 not connecting to new iPhone 6 and iPhones on OS8

The SS has been working fine for the past year or so with our iphone 4S and iphone 5. Wife has a new iphone 6 on the same number, I have same iphone 4S with OS8 and daughter has the old iphone 5 on OS8. Now all 3 don't connect to SS. I have checked t...

mark990 by 4: Newbie
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Resolved! Wifi Calling

Hi. Have a new Samsung S6, and when ordering through online chat, i was assured that wifi calling will be enabled, one of the main reasons I chose this phone and to stay with vodafone in the first place as I have absoloutely no signal in my new house...

Resolved! Suresignal 2 lights on but no signal

I have a suresignal 2 which apprears to be working - red and white lights are illuminated but my HTC Desire has stopped connecting to it.   What are the correct settings on my HTC Desire to get suresignal so that I can eliminate any problems with my ...

-pete- by 4: Newbie
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Resolved! SureSignal/Powerline

I have a Suresignal connected directly to a BT 3 router, it works perfectly. I would like to move the Suresignal to another room. Can it be connected to the router via a Devolo Powerline system I also have?. Thank you...

Resolved! Wi Fi booster

Been with Vodafone for years. My daughter has had a problem with signal where she lives and Vodafone gave her a booster free of charge. My wife and myself have got vodafones and we have got a problem with signal because we live in a spot where signal...