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Resolved! Sony Z3 compact long message charges

I have a Sony Z3 Compact, I'm a new Vodafone custome to. for the frist time I am being change for long text message, because I'm told a SMS turn into A MMS.   Could some please tell me of setting change I could make to aviod these changes as I have p...

Resolved! problems receiving picture messages

Hi.  I've followed all the instructions to set up my iPhone 5c (iOS 8.4) to receive picture messages.  Everything in the Settings is as Vodaphone sets out.  Yet I still get directed to the getmypicture website each time a picture is sent, and also th...

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Resolved! MMS downloading

Hi, I have been sent an MMS but cannot open it and cannot figure out where to find the setting for MMS.   Could anyone please help me?   Thanks

Resolved! Sim Not Provisioned:2

Hi   I cannot download MMS messages regardless what settings I put into my Note 4. Just says failed. I have data switched on and can access internet. Never been able to download MMS on this phone. I read somewhere SIM needs to be provisioned. is this...

Resolved! Sending photos

Sending pics even to other iPhones comes up not delivered even with strong signal