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Resolved! Contacts Doubling Up

just got over one problem and now have another, albeit less serious one. Have just swapped my provider and suddenly all of my contacts have doubled and in some cases quadrupled. If I delete the first of the two then the second disappears also and I t...

bolo by 12: Established
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Resolved! Message Centre number changes by itself

Hi there,   I've got the Samsung Galaxy S6, and recently updated the system, about a week ago.  Ever since then the message centre number keeps changing all by itself every time I close the messaging app. Which means every time I want to send a text ...

Resolved! Dongle only flashing red

hi there my dongle is only flashing red and i can`t get online ,my current data usage expires on 20th 0f jan and my account informs me i have 0.9 of 1gb left of a 1 gb £10 package ,so i have lots remaining, i have re-installed the dongle to no avail ...

Resolved! iPhone 4 won't pick up 3G

My daughter has had to go back to iphone 4 for a while, as iphone 5 went for a trip down the toilet.   its working all be it slowly but won't connect to 3G    any by ideas why this would be or how to make it work   thank you

Karena15 by 4: Newbie
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Resolved! Sim

My sim is locked and it is asking me for me PUK code and I need my PUK code so can you tell me my PUK code?

Resolved! Lost phone

I've lost my phone and it is deadIs there any way to track it and find the location of it

Resolved! htc desire 310

How do I obtain a nuc code I brought this phone while visiting family in England have returned home and needed a nuc code but when ever I look for a way to get it I am never directed there I would like this resolved quickly as I need to be able to us...

kazmadan by 1: Seeker
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Resolved! Sim Card Does Not Seem To Fit

Hi    I am trying to insert the new sim card supplied with my new A5 in the sim card tray but with no sucess, to me the sim card looks to big to fit in to the sim tray.   Has vodafone supplied the wrong sized sim? and will my local vodafone store be ...

foda by 2: Seeker
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Resolved! Sim card

Hi by mistake I bought the wrong SIM card for my iPhone 5c I needed a nano sim instead, and I was wondering if I could get an exchange for what I bought it's a £20 top up freebie.

Resolved! unlocking of phone not worked

Hi, I have a Samsung s5 that was locked to Vodafone, I went into the Vodafone store with it and they gave me an nuc code, I typed it into the phone with my O2 sim in the phone, a message appeared saying it was successful but it has now been a week an...

mattquinn by 2: Seeker
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