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Resolved! iPhone 4S bought from Carphone Warehouse - need to unlock

Hi   I have an iPhone 4S that I brought from Carphone Warehouse that I need to unlock from Vodafone. It was being used by my wife.  I have an IMEI number, proof of purchase from Carphone Warehouse (showing the IMEI) and the SIM number.   How do I go ...

Resolved! Network Unlocking Code (NUC)

Hi   I have recently been given an iPhone 4s which is locked to the Vodafone network and the owener has now moved to the other side of the world so contact is limited.   How can i get teh phone unlocked to use on other networks?   Can i purchase a pa...

strippy74 by 4: Newbie
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Resolved! Unlock iPhone 4s

Hello everyone,I do not speak English and I translate with google translation.I bought an iphone 4s on eBay but it is blocked vodafone UK and I do not know. I got swindled. I am looking how to unlock.Vodafone UK will not unlock and I do not know why...

polux09 by 2: Seeker
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Resolved! How to unlock iPhone

Hi, I've bought Iphone 5s in England and now I'm in Italy. I haven't a vodafone uk sim to pay unlock. How should I do?

Resolved! Unlock code

I requested an nuc code for my old iPhone over a month ago and haven't recieved anything

Resolved! Iphone 5s unlock

hello, i'm chouaib from algeria i just wanna ask if i can unlock my iphone 5s because i bought it here in algeria but i can't use the network . please help

Resolved! NUC Request - Waiting on confirmation email

I would like to unlock my phone ivsm out off contract at the end of the month and would like to chsnge networks today i have completed the online form however not had a response

Resolved! Unlocking my dad's iPhone 5

Hi, I'm really struggling to unlock my iphone 5! I caled the contact centre after coming into store, but they said to fill out the online form. My dad set up my account for me, but unfortunately lives abroad so he set me up a passowrd so I could mana...

Resolved! iPhone 5 Unlocking

I let unlock iPhone 5 over (removed in accordance with House Rules) wrote back from the unlocking but I must first contact your  IMEI: 013412002378125 please help