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Resolved! HTC Desire 320

My phone has to be rebooted each time I want to turn my data on for the internetDoes anyone experience the same ?Any ideas how to fix this or is it just what you have to do ! ?CheersDavid

Resolved! Galaxy S4 data connectivity issues

I have been having mobile network connection issues.When I go into an area of poor service, and back into an area of adequate service, or the mobile network connection frequency protocol is required to switch modes, the phone's connection will "freez...

Resolved! Galaxy S4 weekly reboot loop since last 4.4.2 upgrade

Please can someone from Tech support contact me to discuss options on getting my device fixed. Since the last OTA upgrade (4.4.2) my device periodically goes into an endless reboot loop on a weekly basis. I know from searching online this is a common...