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Resolved! Big bundle £10 for £5? How to order?

Received text below today offering me to get £10 Big bundle for £5 for next 12mths. But when I tried to buy it, it still show price as £10 on your website? How can I get it? How does it work?Get 50% off our £10 Big Value Bundle for the next year. For...

mteplan by 2: Seeker
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Resolved! Points

New to internet and first time I've ever been on a forum.Anyway,when I top up £5 and get the text to COLLECT the points.I re-send the text and have collected 1750 points now.BUT don't get the code to cash in the points.Is there a reason why.Any advic...

Adyace by 3: Seeker
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Resolved! bundle purchase

I just got a new payg sim preloaded with 10 pounds.I would like to get the 30 pounds big bundle.does that mean that all I need to do is to top up another 20 pounds and call in to buy the bundle?

mrlappy by 2: Seeker
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Resolved! I need help

I bought this phone around a month ago and paid for a £10 top-up with it. I hadn't used all of my free minutes or data and got unlimited texts. I also hadn't used any of the £10 credit so I should've still got it, but I had received a message saying ...

Resolved! Unsuitable rewards

Sorry - I can't find anywhere else to post this . I am a single female pensioner and, despite being promised by Vodafone that the PAYG rewards would improve after the changeover,  they haven't. Rewards are still geared to the young who I would have t...