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Resolved! SureSignal not working

My SureSignal is seemingly unhappy with the @ LED comining on and off irregularly the tick flashing occasionaly and no 3G signal for my 'phone or anyone of the registered users.   Help!   S/N of the SureSignal is 21197070432   My Vodafone shows the d...

Resolved! Sure signal version 1

Hi I have been having problems with my Vodafone sure signal.I received a new handset the other day and as I am the sure signal admin I had to deregister and re-register the sure signal to get it to work with my new phone.Since then nothing would work...

Dron1984 by 2: Seeker
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Resolved! Non-functioning Sure Signal

I have an original model Sure Signal which had worked just fine until recently. I called Vodafone and the guy I spoke to emailed me details of how to configure my router, but that made no difference. Although I have just replaced my router, the Sure ...

_G by 2: Seeker
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