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Resolved! Firmware updates for Samung S5/S4

Is Lollipop still the latest firmware being offered to the S5 and S4? My Hudl2 used to be on Kit Kat and when I upgraded to Lollipop it used more memory and apps had to be deleted. WIth the Samsung firmware, does this use more memory compared with Ki...

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Resolved! S4 update - messages not visible.

Can anyone please help? After the latest software update on my s4 all of my messages have disapeared. I can see the first line in the header along with the senders name, but when I open them it's blank. This applies to not only old messages, but any ...

Resolved! Galaxy S4 weekly reboot loop since last 4.4.2 upgrade

Please can someone from Tech support contact me to discuss options on getting my device fixed. Since the last OTA upgrade (4.4.2) my device periodically goes into an endless reboot loop on a weekly basis. I know from searching online this is a common...