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Android M/6.0 Look & Feel

How to give your device the Marshmallow Look (& feel) If it looks like your particular Device (Phone or Tablet) isn't going to get the New Android M ver. 6.0 Update, don't worry you can achieve the same look and feel. No need to Root or download dodg...

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M9 Camera - Exposure & Focus Lock

Sometimes it can be difficult to get the right exposure with your Phones Camera especially if you are not sure about moving away from "Auto" settings.   Top Tip: Point the M9's Camera at your subject, press and hold the screen where you want it to fo...

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M8/M9 Self help... (how to)

If you suspect something isn't working right with your HTC M8/M9 Phone, there is a built in Service menu that can help you test the fault yourself. This could help you get a quicker repair or even help you solve the problem yourself...   Open the Pho...

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