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Resolved! Problem with Vodafone Wallet

I have set up smartpass and wallet on my s4 (not rooted) all was ok untill I had a sim change (the new nfc one), now smartpass will not load and wallet opens with a message saying "Unable to open wallet. you recently swapped your sim card. your new s...

Resolved! S4 Lollipop disaster.

Hey everyone,My Galaxy S4 received and ota update over the weekend to lollipop and since then my phone is useless. I hope someone can give me advice on how to fix these issues or even revert back to kitkat.Here are some of the problems and irritation...

robuk360 by 4: Newbie
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Resolved! unlocking of phone not worked

Hi, I have a Samsung s5 that was locked to Vodafone, I went into the Vodafone store with it and they gave me an nuc code, I typed it into the phone with my O2 sim in the phone, a message appeared saying it was successful but it has now been a week an...

mattquinn by 2: Seeker
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Resolved! Proof of purchase

Hi please can I have proof of purchase sent to my email for my insurance

Resolved! S5 USB 3 issue

When I connect the S5 to my PC's USB 3 port(s), Windows pops up the message saying "samsung mobile usb composite device can transfer faster if connected to a USB 3 port etc etc.."   any one else? any ideas?   thanks in advance..   Night....

Resolved! Messages Not being received by a samsung user

I can send texts to everyone apart from one number who uses a samsung phone! I'm receiving this persons texts but they aren't getting mine! Any reason for this?! I've tried deleting & re-adding the contact. Deleting message thread & starting a new on...

Resolved! Samsung Galaxy s5 black stock

Anyone have any ideas when the phone will be back in stock? Told I would get my phone via upgrade last week still not heard anything and keep being fobbed off with the track my order page which just tells me what I already know..they haven't dispatch...

gazh1980 by 3: Seeker
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