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Resolved! iPhone 4 won't pick up 3G

My daughter has had to go back to iphone 4 for a while, as iphone 5 went for a trip down the toilet.   its working all be it slowly but won't connect to 3G    any by ideas why this would be or how to make it work   thank you

Karena15 by 4: Newbie
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Resolved! Sony Xperia Z3 cracked screen

Yesterday morning (16th June) my Sony Xperia Z3 screen inexplicably shattered whilst in the front pocket of my jeans, and as a result, the touch screen no longer works. There was nothing else in my pocket, nor did the phone receive any trauma that co...

Resolved! Unbelievable and pathetic

My phone developed a fault (audio when calling and receiving) and I'm 8months in to my contract so the iPhone is still under warranty.Phoned vodafone to say about this which then they instructed me to go to the closest voda shop and I will have it re...

Resolved! Water And Drop Damage

Hello, I was just wondering if you could provide some more information on the methodology your engineers use to detect drop damage and water damage? I often see people being told their phone wont be repaired due to water/drop damage, but I've no idea...

Splog by 4: Newbie
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Resolved! LG G2 GPS Repair

I have had an LG G2 for just over three months and have has erratic gps on all apps since purchasing (strava and endomondo). For the last three weeks it is taking over 15 minutes to detect a signal if it does find one at all.   I have installed multi...

Resolved! HTC One completely dead

My HTC One randomly turned off one morning. It is now completely dead. It will not turn on. It is completely charged up. Please help me to fix it.

Resolved! green Vertical line on phone

wonder if you could help me,   i picked up my phone last night that was on my bed and there is a thin vertical lime green line whenever i am using certain coloured screens, e.g. it shows when the background is white but it disappears when it is black...

manny92 by 3: Seeker
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Resolved! iPhone 5s under warranty

I have an iPhone 5s still under warranty.   The phone on full charge last approximately 2 to 3 hours on full charge.   It constantly freezes, turns off, jumps back to the home screen etc.   WHat can i do to get it replaced??   Many thanks

Resolved! 3 week old faulty Note 4 - No Signal

3 weeks ago took out a new contract with a note 4 from a Vodafone store   Yesterday, I stopped recieving calls and texts. After restarting the phone I receieved no signal, tried the sim in another device sim works perfectly. After a bit of digging it...

Resolved! Problems yet again......

Hi all again.   This is a replacment phone I received after the last time I had to send it for repair due to the screen coming up and its been working great with no problems what so ever.  Now since I updated to with Sense 6.0 (2 days ago ...

worf105 by 4: Newbie
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