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Resolved! Sure Signal

Greetings My sure signal [V1] stopped working. We had some electrical work done. After numerous resets I decided to buy a new one [V3] This also will not connect. The power light is on but the second light just flashes on and off. I have tried Vodafo...

Resolved! Sure Signal V2 not working "In Use" light constantly on

Hello   As the title states the "In Use" light is constantly on. I have tried resetting the SS which makes no difference.     Any ideas how to fix please? My serial number 40120955279.   TIA Paul  


Resolved! Ver 1 Sure Signal box stopped working for multiple weeks now

Hi,   My Ver 1 Sure Signal box has stopped working for the last few weeks (been fine for multiple years). Below is the usual info requested. The box only has 1 green light and have reset it multiple times with no luck.   Any help would be greatly app...

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