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Resolved! Sure Signal V2 not working "In Use" light constantly on

Hello   As the title states the "In Use" light is constantly on. I have tried resetting the SS which makes no difference.     Any ideas how to fix please? My serial number 40120955279.   TIA Paul  


Resolved! Sure Signal v2 resync

We have a Sure Signal v2, which hasn't been working for about a week. After trying various suggestions from the forums with no joy, it occurred that the problem seemed to start when BT Protect was accidentally enabled. Having disabled it, the Sure Si...

Resolved! I can't accept the transfer of ownership of a sure signal.

I have been given a friend's Sure Signal 2. We are trying to transfer ownership to me. "pending_owner"  is shown on the Sure Signal page of my Vodafone account, but I can't click on it to select it. We had previously, managed to make me the administr...