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Resolved! Message Centre number changes by itself

Hi there,   I've got the Samsung Galaxy S6, and recently updated the system, about a week ago.  Ever since then the message centre number keeps changing all by itself every time I close the messaging app. Which means every time I want to send a text ...

Resolved! Reset predictive text dictionary

As per topic how do I reset the predictive text dictionary and auto fill to default. I have managed to replace some words with garbage and it's annoying having to correct it everytime.Please helpThanks

Resolved! Aaaaaah.

Please can someone tell me if there is a way of blocking certain numbers. I get the same number calling me everyday at least 5/6 times a day. It is really annoying me now! I have googled it and there are bad reviews about this happening to other peop...

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Resolved! How do I put my apps back in Stock order?

My boyfriend decided to change my apps to alphabetical order ON MY PHONE without permission. They've been the same since I got my phone and now it's like having a brand new phone. It's driving me bananas! Is there any way to put the apps back in orde...