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Resolved! Sure Signal

Greetings My sure signal [V1] stopped working. We had some electrical work done. After numerous resets I decided to buy a new one [V3] This also will not connect. The power light is on but the second light just flashes on and off. I have tried Vodafo...

Resolved! Sure Signal only connecting to one phone

Hi   I have a Sure Signal V3 that I purchased a week ago (serial number 42161733029)  . When I first confirgured it, only my phone, the administrator, connected to the VSS, even though I have 4 other phones setup.  Since then, my phone no longer conn...

Resolved! Why is my sure signal not recognising other numbers?

My V1 gave up the ghost so now have a V3.  It works fine with my number as the owner etc but wife and daughters numbers not recognised as they have no signal.  I have removed them and re-added.  I have rebooted their phones.  I am getting extremely a...

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Resolved! Home Hub 5 with a Sure Signal 3

I'm hoping someone can help. I have just upgraded to a BT Home Hub 5, with an upgrade to BT Infinity within a few days. When connecting my Sure Signal 3 it runs through the setup and finishes with a flashing Power light and an orange steady in servic...

Resolved! Sure Signal V3 not working even after resetting

I have a Sure Signal v3 which I've used almost happily for 2 years apart from it getting very hot.  This morning it decided not to work. The power light is flashing red and the service light is a constant orange. I have turned the power off and on, I...

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Resolved! Sure SIgnal V3 stopped working at the weekend

My Sure Signal has been working well since I bought it in March 2015. It suddenly stopped working this weekend. I have been talking to Sure Signal Support, right through to Level 3 support, but no-one has really helped. Here are my diagnostics:   Sur...

Resolved! BT Home HUB 5 to Airport Extreme

Hi All   Im thinking of replacing my BT Home Hub 5 with an Apple Airport Extreme. Does anoyone have experince of using the Sure Signal V3 with BT Infinity and the Airport Extreme. Does it work?   Thanks

Resolved! Suresignal 3 on but light 4 and handsets show its not transmitting

My Suresignal 3 has been working fine for months, but it has not been working for the last few days. 2 phones registered - neither work   I've done a couple of text book resets - No change. Lights one, two and three are solidLight four does not light...

Resolved! SSV3 not connecting to new iPhone 6 and iPhones on OS8

The SS has been working fine for the past year or so with our iphone 4S and iphone 5. Wife has a new iphone 6 on the same number, I have same iphone 4S with OS8 and daughter has the old iphone 5 on OS8. Now all 3 don't connect to SS. I have checked t...

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Resolved! Wi Fi booster

Been with Vodafone for years. My daughter has had a problem with signal where she lives and Vodafone gave her a booster free of charge. My wife and myself have got vodafones and we have got a problem with signal because we live in a spot where signal...