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Resolved! Personal hotspot

Everytime I go to put my personal hotspot on it keeps asking me to set it up an I don't have a clue how to doCan someone help me please

Resolved! bundle purchase

I just got a new payg sim preloaded with 10 pounds.I would like to get the 30 pounds big bundle.does that mean that all I need to do is to top up another 20 pounds and call in to buy the bundle?

mrlappy by 2: Seeker
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Resolved! I need help

I bought this phone around a month ago and paid for a £10 top-up with it. I hadn't used all of my free minutes or data and got unlimited texts. I also hadn't used any of the £10 credit so I should've still got it, but I had received a message saying ...

Resolved! Im not getting 4G

Hello, I have a iPhone 5 on pay as you go and i bought a £20 big value bundle to get 4G, But when i go to my Setttings > Mobile Data > Voice & Data i click on 4G and it comes it with 'Enable LTE? This mobile network has not been certified by the carr...

Resolved! New phone - SIM activation

I got a Vodafone sim yesterday in store for my iPhone and I've previously been a pay as you go customer so I got them to put in my new sim and she told me to switch it off and it would be ready in around an hour, my phone is still showing no service ...

Resolved! iMessage

Recently switched from Vodafone contract to a pay as you go using my iPhone 5S. I found after, I could only send iMessages using my email and my old number was still registered to my phone but after hours of online searching and browsing the apple fo...

Jonneh by 4: Newbie
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Resolved! Problem with my Freebee

hi, iv'e done the 20£ Freebee just two days ago, and it's still not working. Actually the only thing that not works is the Data, cause texts and calls are ok. I've tried to turn off and on the phone, as showed in the text that vodafone sended to me, ...