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Resolved! Vodaphone advantage

Hi, I have one Vodaphone account with two separate phones one mine one my daughters. The plan for my daughters phone includes a Vodaphone advantage discount, after a recent upgrade I now want to claim a discount too will I have to pay another members...

Resolved! Upgrading using the Web

Ok so my contracts coming to an end so I've been trying to browse the online shop looking for my next phone and bundle.   But nothing works, the website is really dire and has to be the worst website I've come across.  Ive tried using ms edge, ie11 a...

Resolved! Android 6 pb?

Upgraded to V6 a couple of days ago. Tonight the phone, LG G3, rebooted to the Vodafone start up screen, then went (again) to the optimise apps process, back to the Vodafone start up screen and back to the optimise apps sequence. Keeps doing that unt...

Resolved! Nexus 6 P

I Ordered one  in October as an upgrade, the order never progressed and after several live chats, wasted day off as I was assured all was ok,  I've now been told by vodafone (Irish call centre) that you no longer offer the phone. Yet it's still liste...

dazzle by 4: Newbie
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Resolved! Motorola

I will be able to upgrade soon and am interested in whether Vodafone are planning to add the Motorola X Play or Nexus to their available handsets?

hotreeds by 2: Seeker
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Resolved! upgrade due 6th April

I am due an upgrade after above date can I upgrade just now to samsung s4 mini.

glw1001 by 3: Seeker
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Resolved! Early upgrade

Hi. I currently have an iPhone 5s on a pay monthly contract with Vodafone. My current deal is not due to expire until May 2016. Is there anyway I can upgrade to an iPhone 6, and incorporate my outstanding phone balance into my new contract? Or even t...

Resolved! nexus 6

i know no one can give me a direct answer but..... I have been promised a nexus 6 on a upgrade with one of my lines but the guy said they was out of stock and he couldnt place it back order for some reason? Anyway your web shop shows 2 to 4 days (unl...

Resolved! No internet since system update

Earlier today my phone done a system update, ever since I can't get connected to the internet mobile data is switched on but says it is disconnected and service is unavailable, can anyone help??

java2 by 1: Seeker
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Resolved! Upgrade

Hi!I upgraded to an iPhone 6 plus on Thursday and was told that I would receive the device in 24 hours but I still have not received it. I was wondering if you could help me. I have tried ringing Vodafone but no one is answering