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Resolved! I recently was told my phone was unlocked

I recently was told my Apple iPhone was unlocked after filling in the vodaphone unlock online form but do I need a unlock code because vodaphone just sent me a email saying that my phone is now unlocked?

Resolved! iPhone 5 Unlocking

I have just upgraded my iPhone 5, to an iPhone 6. What I want to do, is unlock the 5 handset for a family member to use. Unfortunately, when I attempt to fill in the online firm, I am unable to confirm the imei number for iPhone 5, as I a) my new pho...

Zachster by 3: Seeker
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Resolved! Unlock iPhone 4s

Hello everyone,I do not speak English and I translate with google translation.I bought an iphone 4s on eBay but it is blocked vodafone UK and I do not know. I got swindled. I am looking how to unlock.Vodafone UK will not unlock and I do not know why...

polux09 by 2: Seeker
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Resolved! Unlock code

I requested an nuc code for my old iPhone over a month ago and haven't recieved anything

Resolved! htc desire 310

How do I obtain a nuc code I brought this phone while visiting family in England have returned home and needed a nuc code but when ever I look for a way to get it I am never directed there I would like this resolved quickly as I need to be able to us...

kazmadan by 1: Seeker
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Resolved! NUC Request - Waiting on confirmation email

I would like to unlock my phone ivsm out off contract at the end of the month and would like to chsnge networks today i have completed the online form however not had a response

Resolved! Unlocking my dad's iPhone 5

Hi, I'm really struggling to unlock my iphone 5! I caled the contact centre after coming into store, but they said to fill out the online form. My dad set up my account for me, but unfortunately lives abroad so he set me up a passowrd so I could mana...

Resolved! Unlocking my phone from overseas with no phone credit.

Hello   I left the UK permanantly on the 14th of October and my phones contract ended on the 18th of October.  Since ending the service has completely stopped and I am unable to make or receive calls.    This week, I made a request to unlock my phone...

treekav by 3: Seeker
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Resolved! NUC code request 05.11.14

I requested a NUC code on the 05.11.14 for my old iPhone 4s and you state on your web site 10 days and its has now been 14 days?   I have given this phone to my sister who would like to use it but dhe is on 02 network.  Can you please update me on wh...

Moss1967 by 1: Seeker
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