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Resolved! HTC Desire 320

My phone has to be rebooted each time I want to turn my data on for the internetDoes anyone experience the same ?Any ideas how to fix this or is it just what you have to do ! ?CheersDavid

Resolved! using payg data on mobile wifi in Spain

I only have a simple phone and have no experience of using mobile data. However I am shortly going abroad for a few weeks with no internet access and wish to use my Vodafone sim card in a mobile wifi device on my laptop. Do I need any special bundle ...

Jubilado by 3: Seeker
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Resolved! Wifi Hotspot

Hi, I am out the country for the next 3 months and am looking to buy a R207 wifi hotspot on 3G with 10GB on a 30 day contract. My question is, after the 30 days how much would it cost to top up with 10GB for another 30 days?   Many Thanks

GCUK by 2: Seeker
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Resolved! Dongle only flashing red

hi there my dongle is only flashing red and i can`t get online ,my current data usage expires on 20th 0f jan and my account informs me i have 0.9 of 1gb left of a 1 gb £10 package ,so i have lots remaining, i have re-installed the dongle to no avail ...

Resolved! BUMPER Christmas free 50GB of data

Ive received a text today to say I have 50GB of free UK data included in my next big value bundle if I text 49500 before my next bundle expires. 49500 isnt accepting the texts?  will this just be automatically added when payment is taken from my acou...

jools46 by 3: Seeker
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Resolved! Ipad Data consumption

Can someone from the tech team advise me how to get a breakdown of my data consumption ?

StewartH by 3: Seeker
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Resolved! VF Usage Manager

I am having issues with the vodafone usage manager app. I am using an HTC One M8 with latest Android 5.01. On Friday week ago it went haywire and was telling me I was using Gigs of data, and when I phoned VF customer service, they confirmed that I wa...

Resolved! Second sim for pay monthly data contract

Hi,  I have a 3g data contract for use with my laptop which has an internal 3g radio.  While very convenient, sometime the reception is not great and so I would like to get a dongle as a fall back.  I wondered if I could get a second sim against the ...

Resolved! moto 4g wifi issues

Hi all   Got a very strange issue with a moto 4g lte   I have a sim only deal with Vodafone   The phone works fine but for some reason when I'm connected to wifi it will connect to the Internet and i can search Google etc but when i try and do anythi...

Giza2020 by 2: Seeker
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