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My PC downsizes my Galaxy S5 video to MP4...why?

1: Seeker

I would like to find out how I can download HD video from my Galaxy S5 to my pc without having it downsized to MP4. It kind of defeats the purpose of recording video in HD if you can't maintain that HD quality after you've transferred the video to your computer so that you can edit it. I found this out when I was doing some converting with a video conversion program I have and noticed that when I was going to convert one of the video clips from my Galaxy S5, it said that it was an MP4 video! I'm not sure why this is happening because I'd like to be able to edit my Galaxy videos in full HD, not an inferior quality clip.
If anyone here knows what I can do to correct this I'd very much appreciate it. Thanks in advance for any replies.

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16: Advanced member

Hi there


How are you transfering the video from your phone to the PC?  If you are using software to do this, it may be best to simply use your Windows Explorer to browse to the folder where the video is saved and copy and paste it onto your computer.


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17: Community Champion

I agree.  If you simply copy the file, there's no opportunity for anything to interfere with it.   It seems likely that whatever you're using isn't compatible with the S5's HD format.

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16: Advanced member

Bit confused here

The default record format is MP4

Can we have some more info as this may help

what program are you using to open the file ?

after you have transfered the file right click and look at the properties it should tell you the resolution size

i agree just tranfering the file works i use es file transfer

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4: Newbie
Why do you think mp4 is bad. It is just the file format so can be of any quality. I have ripped blu rays to mp4 with almost no loss of quality.
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