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3: Seeker
3: Seeker

I can't express how stressful and disappointed I am about your company, Vodafone!

So here is what happened

I have a LETTER confirming my activation date will be 3rd March 2018. Guess what, on 3rd March nothing happened, I called up and the lady said everything would be okay because it may take until midnight to get activated. Waited until the next day, still nothing happend. I had to call again and this time, another advisor insisted that my activation date was set to be on 14 March!!!!


She also insisted that the letter I had was sent on 3rd March, not that my activation date was confirmed to be on 3rd March, I really wanted to show the letter in her face. Then after some odd 20 minutes of "let me check with colleagues", she came up with "yeah sorry it is 3rd March but my system shows 14th". WHAT THE HELL??!!!!

So I had to live without internet for 11 days, okay fine. I know that you don't even care about my problem so what else can I do? I had to cope with it (bear in mind that the lady over the phone didn't give a slightest s*** about the inconvenience I go through).


And on 14 March, nothing happened, AGAIN!!! I called up AGAIN, this is the 4th time now and the male advisor said the engineer arrived earlier today and activated the line so it should be running, but on his screen it is showing that it is delayed. OMG!! Please don't happen again, I am so afraid to hear the word delay now. 

Then he instructed me to reset the router, he will also try to troubleshoot it from his end. After resetting the router, I received a reassurance that after resetting, the router will set itself up and it may take 20 minutes, I can go and have a cup of tea to wait for the internet, he cannot stay on the line for the whole process, but he will keep an eye on it and if it doesn't work, he will call me back.  I thought in my mind that it's a bit too good to be true, and guess what, IT WAS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!

Nothing happened, and no one called me either, i called at 7pm, so around 7.30pm the router should finish setting itself up and going, otherwise I will receive a call. I waited till 8.30pm just to make sure that I'm not too impatient with the router, but it's still not working, this is 1hr30m of waiting compared to just 20 minutes that I was told to wait. 


So I had to call again, I waited on the line for an advisor for 35 minutes!!! and then the automated voice went "the opening hours is between 8am to 9pm". Amazing!! they put me on hold for 35 minutes until 9.05pm so they can all go home and forget about all the stress at work. Sounds nice to them, but not nice to customers!!!


I switched from Sky to Vodafone because it seems to be a good deal. So far, totally DISAPPOINTED!!!




4: Newbie

Here's my son's issues with Vodafone which may be relevant.  Maybe you were unlucky with the person you were talking to?


Some 6 weeks ago he went lve with Vodafone, but couldn't get online.


As a network engineer, I got my son to test most things that we could do from our end.  but to cut a long story short, Vodafone had not configured the router, the preset user name/password did not match..  Pretty basic!

The Vodafone rep couldn't believe it either and repeated all I did, via intruction over the phone.  Eventually he was able to access the router from his end and configure it properly.


This process once we contacted Vodafone took some 3 hours during the evening..  At least the rep persevered.  Don't know what would have happened if it wasn't fixed by 9pm!


Vodafone have lots to learn about landlines/broadband, the issues appear to be management.  Whether they appreciate it or not, who knows



Thanks for your comment.


I just have some more updates.

Just talked to Live Chat, they said the router was configured properly, but there is an issue with the line and the engineer will go there to fix it, which raises another question to me. Why did the CS guy I talked to said that engineers already came and fixed it, and things would be fine?


It appears to me that the employees here don't communicate with each other at all, they just keep coming up with rubbish and contradictory excuses all the time!! I guess at the back office, the managers just instructed employees to lie when there is a complaint.


Totally disgusting service!!

Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

@aarontran2506 It's really disappointing to hear you've been having issues getting your broadband up and running. I apologise for the delay and know how frustrating this must be.

So we can forward this onto our Broadband team for further investigation, I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch.

I just filled everything in, let's see if I will be contacted because I was promised to get a call back many times by your colleagues now and none of that happened.


Just a few more updates, I received a text that the internet should be active. Went home and the internet light on the router was still red. I called up again, the guy was 100% certain it was activated and I just need to reset the router for it to work. Guess what? I resetted it and it was still not working. Called again, this time the guy told me to unscrew my master socket (excuse me, I am a customer, not an engineer), I did it anyway, just because I really just need to have internet and stop paying BT Open Wifi £6.75 everyday. I unscrewed the faceplate, tried the test socket, unplugged/replugged the router, and still, nothing happened. Then he said he would raise this issue up and I need to wait minimum 72 hours to be responded!!!!


Vodafone, you better compensate me for the stress, inconvenience, and the cost of BT Open Wifi or I am going to take you to court!!!

Welcome to Vodafone.

Expect a nonsense message from an admin saying they have PM'd you - utter waste of time.

Things dont get better - trust me.

Here is what I have had to put up with so far......


Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

I'm truly sorry to hear this @aarontran2506 - have you received your call back?

Has your broadband now activated?

You are not alone. They are garbage! They treat us with comtempt - The customer.


I am complaining to OfCom 

Can you please keep me updated with your complaint to Ofcom, I think I will do the same.


Re Ofcom, I'll do the same if no one will call back as they promised -I'll leave it for 48 hours, till Wedneday evening.


These guys ae worse than TalkTalk and thats saying something!