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VeryMe rewards

12: Established
12: Established

Morning, I can't get in to VeryMe rewards, it tries then times out and brings up this screen:Screenshot_20181130-100617.jpg

What are the rewards? Am i missing out?

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17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

@jeffkinn wrote:

I've been a customer for longer than that and I have access to theVeryMe rewards.

Me too. Entered a couple of competitions and had a free coffee so far.

There are sometimes issues with the app (I've experienced them myself), but it normally clears after a while, and sometimes after an immediate retry.  Can you access other parts of the app?

12: Established
12: Established

Do we think that if/when they do appear we will have mixed out on anything or the will all be available..?

I doubt very much that we'll get the rewards we've missed out on, some got an advent calendar apparently? I've done all the reset the app etc etc but no joy on either my phone or my husbands. The icon doesn't show on son's app but his phone is on his Dad's account and therefore isn't eligible which is fair enough.


Yet another thing for us to bear in mind when his big contract comes up for renewal next week.

Exactly same scenario for me too. New customer - everything else works fine, registered OK but only the VeryMe rewards don't work. Reinstalled app, reset app, re-logged in, hasn't worked once in a week.

12: Established
12: Established

Any danger of getting an official response? Or even better getting it fixed?

So the error has changed to the attached:


on texting ACCESS to 97888 you get the following reply

Thank you for contacting VeryMe Rewards. We're sorry you're experiencing problems accessing the programme, but rest-assured we're looking into your account and will contact you as soon as we have an update!



Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm sorry to hear you're all facing these isses and for the delay in us reaching your posts. 

@chrislee_88 – Please let us know your Facebook username.

 @peanuckle - If you’ve had the same error that @flagpole has posted here, then please text ACCESS to 97888.

 @flagpole – Thanks for the update. The message you’ve received, confirms someone is looking into your account and will be in touch.

The message has now changed on both my phone and my husband's so we've sent the text and received the same reply as flagpole. Fingers crossed we get an update soon.

Thank you for the help

I've texted the number twice now, leaving a few days inbetween.  Same automated response from the text but still no access to Veryme approx. 1 week after initial text...

Same here. I saw on another forum that customer services had suggested emailing this address:

vodafonesurprices @ (not sure if that is supposed to be 'surprises' so I tried both.
But no response on that for two days.