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Video calling on Samsung Galaxy S8

1: Seeker


Is there any reason for being unable to make/receive video calls on Vodafone? I contacted your 'technical services' on live chat twice today. First one advised it's because age restrictions settings... he removed those from my account and asked to restart phone assuring it would work afterwards. This obviously hasn't changed anything so I contacted the support again and was asked to check the camera settings during an active video call (another useless advice how can I check those if I can't make call not to mention those settings have nothing to do with establishing a call). Then they told me I need to be on 3g network. It was showing I'm on 4g at the time but apparently it needs to be 3g...

I then searched this forum and found out there are some issues with vc on vodafone network/devices (strange your staff is not aware of them). Is there still an issue with making vc? If yes when will this get resolved? Btw I'm not interested in using apps if there is a video call function in phone I don't see a reason why this wouldn't work. I've only just got the contract with Vodafone and was using giffgaff before no issues with making video calls at all so surely this is something a much larger provider like Vodafone should be able to resolve? Could also train your staff better as their knowledge is quite poor..

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Hankuuk


You might want to change your thread title as WiFi Calling is a different feature. 

In regards to video calling this is Vodafones help support pages > Make-a-video-call.

This is a recent similar thread too > Video-Calling-on-Samsung-S8.

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