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Broadband Home Move Vodaphone Termination Error

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

We were due to move house on the Friday 7th of December so I submitted a home move request back in early November to move our Vodaphone FTTP service to the new property. Our home move got delayed until Jan/Feb 2024 so I moved the date from the links within the home move confirmation emails. We wake up on Friday morning the 7th of December to find our broadband not working. After numerous calls and chats to Vodaphone CS representatives I was informed that moving a broadband service under home move and termination are separate activities and not linked. We are now struggling to get our broadband service reactivated and keep on getting told by Vodaphone CS that it’s a new order. City Fibre turned up today to carry out a new order installation to find that the installation had already been done of course. They checked their side of the installation declared it to be all ok (4 green lights on the ONT) and did to get it touch with Vodaphone. Spoke with Vodaphone CS this evening to be told that it can take until midnight to activate. However I have no faith come the morning that it will be working again. Meanwhile we’ve now been without broadband for 6 days since we were wrongly disconnected. Has anyone else been through this situation and can offer advice?