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Broadband downtime when switching from BT To Vodafone

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

My switch from BT to Vodafone (Broadband & Digital Voice - FTTH) is scheduled for tomorrow (16th May) and I have some questions please.

The email from Vodafone asks me to plug in the Vodafone router and switch it on before 8am and states that it can take up to 24 hours to go live.

I am wondering what experience others who have done a similar switch have had and how long the downtime was on the day of activation.

At what time was the BT broadband connection switched off?

Did you receive an email or SMS when the BT connection was swictched off?

At what time was the Vodafone broadband connection activated?

Did you receive an email or SMS when the Vodafone connection was activated?

Presumably the Vodafone router (THG3000) will not work with a BT connection so to minimise downtime, I should leave the BT router plugged in until the BT connection is switched off?

Thank you.


2: Seeker
2: Seeker

When i had my ftth put in , the chap came in did his bit installing the fnt and i pulled the cable across loft as i didnt want it on an outside wall( as no.sockets nearby) as i was doimg the loft bit he was up the pole doing the connection, lost my old connection as he was up pole as he had to disconnect it, about half hour after that we powered up the new router and the fnt was live straight away.... the new router took about a hour to update firmware and do its stuff ( i assume handshake with vodas servers somewhere) to find me interweb...... so 2 hours total without interweb.....