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3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Two days after my “activation” date and still not connected. 

I try to do a test on their website and it says I have no plan.

It’s clear that the router is not being authenticated by Vodafone as the router diagnostic test shows the WAN connected and the Data PPP disconnected. Despite telling the inadequate support this, I got fobbed off with wait until midnight again. That seems like their default response. 

In all my years of having broadband this has to be the worst customer and service experience I ever had. I have been stuck tethering to my phone for work as this bunch of cowboys have left me without broadband or landline. 

If it’s not resolved today I’ll be looking  at formal complaint and seeing if I can change providers before I’m stuck with this circus. 


3: Seeker
3: Seeker

So an update on this. After being on the phone for an hour, I’m told that the order is only “90% Complete” and it’s stuck in the system. That’ll it’ll be two to three working days to sort out.  So essentially Monday, a week after activation. I also have no expectation that it’ll be working then. What an absolute shambles. 

It's unfortunate that this can happen, but it's really not that common considering how many broadband customers Vodafone has. The fact that it's got "stuck" means an easy fix by simply reprovisioning.

It all goes back to the fact that cs is farmed out to a company in Egypt (the cheapest). Their agents can read and speak English, yet throw a technical term at them that's not in the script and they'll fall back to the good old "it'll be sorted in 48hrs".

Is it working? How long did you end up waiting? As I'm in same situation. 

It's not working yet.  It's seven days since I've been "Connected" and nothing.  Their support is abysmal, as Ripshod mentioned, anytime you contact them you get fobbed off with "wait to midnight".

They're supposedly calling me between 2 and 3pm today.  Judging by past experience I'll believe that when I hear it.

It's absolutely shocking that I'm now seven days without phone or internet.  Obviously my previous service has been cancelled so it's been a week of tethering to the phone.  They keep going on about compensation, that's no use to me, what use is £5.33 a day.  Absolute circus and complete incompetence.

I got no hope then. I think I cancel and try another provider. Its discussing they way we get treated. Money grabbing.

Good luck, thanks for replying.