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Complaint re Broadband never activated!

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I called your department on Saturday 29 July to raise a complaint regarding the way we’d been treated by your organization.

The complaint is regarding the fact that we agreed to have full fibre broadband (at an additional cost to us) supplied by Vodafone to our property, this was instead of the ordinary broadband already supplied by you.

This was arranged to be installed on the 03rd of July and, if you’re interested, I can go through what has happened at the property regarding the (supposed) installation.


  1. We were supposed to be connected to Full Fibre on Monday 03rd July 2023.
  2. Your providers (BT Openreach) came to install the Full Fibre equipment inside the property and to also install a Fibre box to the exterior of the property and wire everything in.
  3. On arrival at the property (and after checking the telegraph pole to which our telephone line is connected), the BT Openreach engineer immediately identified a problem.
  4. He said that the fibre connection had been ‘Coded’ to the incorrect telegraph pole (i.e. one about 50 metres away, rather than the one just outside our property which our telephone line is connected to)!
  5. He said that he would make a report so that the ‘Desk Team’ could re-code the fibre to the correct telegraph pole and that this would take a couple of days to happen.
  6. He said that he could still install and connect everything up, so that when the re-coding was done that everything would work and full fibre would be in our property.
  7. He showed me the internal ‘Openreach’ fibre box and explained the following!


  1. The ‘Power’ light was on and glowing static green.
  2. The ‘Lan’ light was on and also glowing static green.
  3. The ‘PON’ light was on but this was flashing green.


  1. The engineer stated that once the ‘PON’ light was glowing static green that everything would be up and running correctly! He said this would happen in a couple of days (i.e by the 05/07/2023.
  2. This ‘PON’ light has never stopped flashing since it was installed.
  3. However, we still had internet on the old connection until (whoever decided to cut us off from it) the 27/07/2023!
  4. We have now had no broadband into the property at all, which is a massive security problem as we have been away from the 16/07/2023, not returning until 16/07/2023 and our CCTV and remote light controls do not work without broadband!!


  1. It is obvious that we are (and never have been) connected to full fibre and (CONFIRMED DURING ONE OF MY (WELL OVER 20) CALLS TO YOUR TECHNICAL TEAM) it is an external problem caused by  your suppliers BT Openreach not coding (or re-coding the fibre to the correct telegraph pole)

I explained to the person in your department who I spoke to, that I had been frustrated in my attempts to get the property connected and had spoken to your technical teams, without success, well over twenty times over the last three days!!

The person, in this complaints department, who I spoke to simply passed me back to the ‘Second line technical team’!

This person asked me to send photographs of the internal installation, which I did, along with a short video clip. They said that this would be escalated to the ‘Third line technical team’.

They also promised that someone would contact me within 24 hours.

This never happened and I had to call them back myself after over 40 hours for an update.


This was yesterday and the person I spoke to said that if we removed the old ‘Internet’ port wire that he ‘GUARANTEED ONE HUNDRED PERCENT’ that the full fibre internet would be working. I expressed doubts about this.

I’ve had someone go especially to the property this morning to do what he said and, as I expected, we still have no internet whatsoever going into the property!!

It’s now pointless leaving this complaint at the first level and I want to escalate this higher and get something done today.

If nothing does get sorted then I will be going, today, straight to OFCOM, the CISAS and the financial Ombudsman (because you are not providing the service I am paying for) with the complaint!

I would point out also that the green light on the internal full fibre box is still flashing Green!!!!!

There is also the matter of further compensation.

You have already paid a certain amount out (credited to our account) and I will be expecting full compensation for the whole period that I have been without Full Fibre Broadband to our property!


Community Manager
Community Manager

@Tranter11 - I'm disappointed to hear the experience you're having and it's go to the stage of you looking to escalate this higher. If your complaint is already with our Customer Relations team, then this is the highest point of escalation.

My team on Social Media can take a look at who your complaints logged with. If it's not with our Customer Relations team, then we can check what's happening with your activation. Please send us a message through one of our Social channels

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member


You are not talking to Vodafone here, just other users like yourself, so threats of Ofcom, CISAS, the Ombudsman etc mean nothing.

The Mods/social media team are Vodafone, but can do nothing via the forum.

I do hope you are able to get your problem resolved though. Good luck.