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FTTP Broadband stuck in "open" status even though broadband is live

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2: Seeker

Hello - my broadband went live on Wednesday 21st February after numerous issues, however my issue is that I have been advised over the phone that my order is stuck in open status, and they cannot close it, the last correspondence I had over the phone was that they needed more information about my line, however I have had no update since

This is something that I have been chasing for 2 weeks now, with no resolution seemingly close in sight, my issue with this is that my online account only shows me as having a landline only package, and I cannot use the Vodafone broadband app, as when I login I get the below error message which is again I am advised due to the order not being in a completed status.

I purchased a Vodafone super booster, the pure black one, however I cannot use this currently as it says I need to pair it using the broadband app, so currently I am stuck with a poor wifi signal in a couple of rooms of the house 

Can anyone offer any helpful advice to get this sorted?  As I seem to go round in circles whenever I phone, and the issue gets pushed down the road with a "we are working to resolve it".






Hi @Alex_456 👋 I do apologise for the issues you're facing with this, so we can look into the status of the order which seems to be causing the issue, could you please reach out to us via the details here and we can see what we can do to help get this resolved.

I have already used the contact us via Facebook messenger - waste of time, all I get is apologies followed by them restating the notes on my account, no help at all.

It is now 34 days since my service has gone live, and after numerous calls (and promised follow up calls which never happen) and messages via the facebook messenger service, I am still unable to get this issue resolved.  

Hi @Alex_456 thanks for following up. Sorry you're still facing problems. We can assist with Activation Issues pre go live date over Social Media, for post live issues, this would need to be investigated and resolved via our Tech Team. They're contactable on 03333040191 or Live Chat here. If you're unable to reach satisfactory resolution, or updates, you can also raise a complaint here

I raised a complaint last Thursday (28th march), as I write this now, 40 days after going live and unsurprisingly, my issue is still not resolved.

Vodafone customer service really is beyond pathetic. 

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

There's two vodafone apps that do two different things.

The "My Vodafone" app is for connecting to your account.

The "Vodafone Broadband" app is purely for controlling your router, and has nothing to do with your account.

So, with the correct app you should be able to add the booster, or just use the WPS method. 

As I have already posted above, the Vodafone broadband app gives the "sorry we cannot find your broadband plan".

My Vodafone app only shows I have a landline and no broadband.

So both apps don't work as intended, which is related to the issue in my first message, as confirmed by Vodafone, which now 6 weeks since going live has not been resolved. 


WPS method creates a separate network, and doesn't extend the current one, hence the need to use the app (and shouldn't be an issue accessing) but here we are.

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2: Seeker

Have got exactly the same issue, my service was activated on 18th March, now 6 weeks afterwards still can't access my online account, CS are clueless and have lost faith in their ability to actually help, I am told my activation job is stuck as "open" on their system but it has been working without any issues since day 1

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@doctorgeorge Indeed, as you have already posted in two other threads in this forum.