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Still being billed after cancellation

Hi,I took out broadband in late March this year, Vodafone couldn't connect me, so I cancelled (within 14 days).  More than a month later, they are still billing me, even though they couldn't 'connect me'. Today, I've spoken to 3 people at Vodafone vi...

Activation date was yesterday. No internet

My activation date was yesterday. I was told to wait till midnight.It sounded suspicious :))As expected - by morning it still doesn't work. Red light blinks (instead of white). No internetTrying to reach anyone via phone - queues 30min long (still wa...

IGROK by 3: Seeker
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Activation Day - Good Result

Following other suggestions on the forums, I left my old Sky router connected until it went offline (about 9.30 this morning). I then connected the Vodafone router which was already powered up and within an hour it had migrated over. Get logged into ...

AMJAM22 by 2: Seeker
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Not at home on activation day

Hi,I got a email remind that "You'll need to plug in your Vodafone router before 8am on your activation date. " What will happen if I don't plug in the router on activation day? (I won't be at home on the day) Thanks

diyfans by 2: Seeker
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Switching providers

Hi all,I placed an order for Vodafone broadband  a week ago and I am due to go live next week Friday. I've spoken to my current provider and they have told me that vodafone have not contacted them yet to stop my services and switch over. I thought th...

Seamless activation

Hi I was due to switch to Voda Superfast 2 today.  Having looked through these forums I was very worried about problems but just wanted to share it has been seamless - Sky Fibre switched off at 12.30pm, Voda connection went live at 1pm.   A bit slow ...

Bertmk by 2: Seeker
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8 days without landline \ broadband

On 30th March I registered to switch to Vodafone Superfast 2 and I was given 20th April as my start date.I had factored in having no landline\brodband service on that day but I'm now told the new service will not be active until 28th April. My old pr...

Tooty by 2: Seeker
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Internet flashing red light still beyond 24hrs

Hey guys,My activation date is supposed to be 17th April. I have connected my device correctly with filter connected to ADSL line and internet wire connecting Internet port of the filter to internet port of the router. I don't think any issue with co...

Broadband Activation Today

Live Date today after 3 week delay. Open Reach Engineer called to confirm all was well, but cannot access. Router not connecting, white light flashing. Open Reach did double check, rang Vodafone who said it could take until midnight - is this correct...