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8 days without landline \ broadband

On 30th March I registered to switch to Vodafone Superfast 2 and I was given 20th April as my start date.I had factored in having no landline\brodband service on that day but I'm now told the new service will not be active until 28th April. My old pr...

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Internet flashing red light still beyond 24hrs

Hey guys,My activation date is supposed to be 17th April. I have connected my device correctly with filter connected to ADSL line and internet wire connecting Internet port of the filter to internet port of the router. I don't think any issue with co...

Broadband Activation Today

Live Date today after 3 week delay. Open Reach Engineer called to confirm all was well, but cannot access. Router not connecting, white light flashing. Open Reach did double check, rang Vodafone who said it could take until midnight - is this correct...

Resolved! Not quite activated

Good Morning, My connection was meant to go live today (Friday), I switched from Plusnet and Vodafone gave me a new number. So far the following has happened -- 7am Plusnet router and internet died,- 10am my landline showed new voda number, and I cou...

Activated broadband at wrong address

Hi, we have moved into our new hone with everything on track to be started on the 1st.  All texts and emails references new address and then the email confirming the internet is live says it's been activated at old address!!????  I have to work from ...

Broadband internet not activated

Hello! My connection was supposed to go live on the 24th. We're in 27th now, no one answers at the technical help numbers, no one answering on Facebook.You will be getting complaints at the Citizen Advice and I will also seek legal advice for not com...

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Broadband activation in the current climate

Hi, I'm scheduled to have an engineer come round next Friday (3/4/20) and I'm wondering if it's A) still going to go ahead? and B) if it's safe to do so? I obviously want my new broadband if possible as mine's awful hence the switch but I don't want ...