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"my Vodafone" account access now working, so that's progress... So what exactly is "Fibre 1"?

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So what exactly have I got myself signed up for?

This is defo not fibre-to-the-premises.

Is this fibre-to-the-cabinet?

Seems like it's still DLS through the copper line to master socket?

Any tips and tricks re using "Fibre 1"?

Thanks all:-)



16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Fibre 1 is vdsl, which is fttc (copper from cabinet to your home). 

Tips? Don't repeatedly reboot the router, it'll lose speed. 

I think I've already failed on that from. it went for 4 point something now doesn't to 3.7

Does a factory reset fix that or am I doomed?

(because activation ads problems etc always = lots of reboots)

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

There's a device that watches your connection for faults. If you get multiple disconnects it'll see that as a line fault and reduce your speed in an attempt to get a stable connection. Reboots and resets appear the same to this the device - they're disconnects.

4Mb is waaay slow. You must be in the sticks. 

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16: Advanced member

As @Ripshod says that is very slow.

Fibre 1 is the slower of the 2 VDSL options (the other is Fibre 2), so up to approx 30Mbs, but totally dependant on the length of the cable to the local cabinet.

What speed were you advised to expect when you signed up?

What does the BT checker say you can expect for your line.


Well right now nothing. The activation failed so spent time with a nice lady called Sarah and she walked me through the usual battery of tests and callbacks. Engineer due on Thursday.

The funny bit is we had the Openreach engineer in last month when the BT connection went down. He reckoned there was nothing wrong with the line and that some admin nonsense had gone wrong back at base.

I'm currently using Giffgaff unlimited data sim in a Netgear M5 and frankly it's not that bad. Given this nonsense I have no confidence Vodafone will ever get the line activated so I may have to cancel this one as well and just go with the GSM connection;-)

Sigh, Openreach eh?