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BB still dropping out, after a year..and still no VoIP fix!

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My landline (this IS a post about broadband, I'm not posting in wrong forums) mysteriously stopped functioning rang my end or destination end but no one could hear the other on picking up. I reported it, twice, and it just as mysteriously came back to life a few days later, but no notification or contact to say it had been fixed. I mention this here, because my broadband was still working throughout, and whilst it was connected through the filter dongle to the master socket test socket I did not experience any drop outs AND my speed shot up! Big time difference! Everything was markedly 'faster'. My internet experience improved significantly. But after the phone came back online...back to same old speeds and drops. I had thought it was a faulty front plate, but as the dongle was still hanging from the test socket when the issues re-emerged it clearly wasn't. Could have been a fluky period of good performance and nothing to do with each other I suppose, possible.


Anyway, my drop out issues continue. My VoIP woes also continue: my VoIP stopped working all of a sudden after I asked Vodafone to switch me to a static IP. When Ryan from tech support phoned me yesterday we discussed this and he switched me back to dynamic IP addressing (I requested it), to see it cured it. But, unfortunately, switching back to dynamic IP addressing has not resolved the problem. He did say there was a problem with VoiP that Vodafone were trying to fix or had fixed. Well it isn't fixed, well not for me, I can vouch for that. As it no longer works for VoIP either way I shall ask to have a static IP reinstated. I pay for a VoIP service with another provider, and have used them for well over a decade, but I can no longer use my service. For the best part of a year I have not been able to make or receive calls using my VoIP line. Nobody seems remotely interested at sorting this out at Vodafone. I've pretty much given up now. Just waiting it out till my contract ends (it was an 18 month lock in) and then I'll have to look elsewhere.


I'll be frank, and say I have had a year of Vodafone broadband and landline, and it's been a pain for the most. Huge mess up on installation as well, months without a landline. It's good when you get to speak to people like Ryan, as they are helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly, but their hands are ties. Mostly it's a bit of  a nightmare and you find yourself on the Vodafone merry-go-round forever having to explain the same issues but never getting them fully resolved. For a year I've had to put up with these drop outs, right from when I switched from Virgin Media to Vodafone. A whole year, and still I am experiencing them. And for almost a year I've lost the use of my VoIP service. Nobody seems interested in that. Not even the fact it was working from day one then stopped after something went 't*ts up' at Vodafone. Very, very disappointed. I've been a Vodafone customer for mobile since Vodfaone were a thing, and took a leap of faith and moved all services to them to save money as Virgin Media were going overboard on pricing. I've saved money by moving, but I've completely lost reliability.


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16: Advanced member

Quite a tale of woe, but not unusual I have to say. If your line is still failing whilst connected to the test socket they probably need to call out Openreach, have they done this?

As for your VoIP line, as long as the broadband is working for other things such as browsing then it not likely Vodafone can do much about it, that will be for you and your VoIP provider to cure.

Sorry if that sounded harsh but from my experience there is unlikely to be anyone at Vodafone you could help with anything other than the very basics of using your broadband.


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12: Established


Just a thought...........


Master sockets don’t contain Surge Protection from 2012 as these cause issues with Fibre BroadBand.

Wires on A, B, 2 (3 is the ringer, can cause issues on broadband) and 5 on the current socket go to the same places on the NTE5c.


2 = Blue / White rings 3 = Orange / White rings (Don’t connect for best internet speeds), 5 = White / Blue rings.


So in the test socket, with no landline does the broadband perform "better"?