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Broadband upgrade existing customer

4: Newbie

Hi , we took out Vodafone Broadband back in September and at the time Openreach was pulling cables for full fiber,  person online checked and confirmed we could upgrade to full fiber as soon as it was live.

We received an openreach email last week confirming all was live and searching our post code on the Vodafone web site confirms full fibre can be ordered at our address.

my question is, I’ve seen on here a few having issues “upgrading” is it pot luck ? Have others upgraded with no issue? is it best to call? What department is best ? We did try upgrading via the Vodafone app but it kept throwing out errors.

We are calling to sort to tomorrow, as we are both home, just want to make sure was doing it the right way so it goes smoothly.



thanks @Jason to be fair to your activations team they have always tried to update us, but as you said, they can only supply info that they have from Openreach. For the first time in my life I've sent a "CEO email" to Openreach lol, we have 7 houses in the road now waiting on them, and all of us are getting fobbed off. :Sad_face:

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So am now finally connected 😊 it took a CEO email, but that did the trick, it will have still  happened but definitely would have taken an age. Was clear Openreach had mucked up durning our summer build so was no getting away from the issue, just a shame it took that type of email to get things going. Openreach do appear to sit behind a service provider shield which is frustrating and it’s hard to raise an issue with them directly.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @number3 - thanks for the update. I'm glad to hear your line is now connected and I'm sorry to hear it got to the stage it did, in order to get it resolved.