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Do I have a case to cancel after terrible service?

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

About a month ago CityFiber became available in my area. Ive been looking for an alternative to Virgin Media for years so I looked at their partners, chose Vodafone and subscribed to their 'Pro II Broadband' package.

[Wed 29 November]
The installation date arrived after various confirmation emails and texts from both Vodafone and CityFiber.
Two engineers turned up mid afternoon and the installation took around an hour and a half, seemingly without problems. I say 'seemingly' because my router couldn't connect to the 'ONT'. I was told this was because Vodafone don't activate your account until after the install.

The engineer said to wait about an hour and it should be sorted. That hour came and went and I found that at least I could log into my Vodafone account (which was previously not working) so something must be happening.
On logging in I could see that my plans weren't yet properly setup, although by 10.00pm this seemed to be solved.
However, still no connection so I looked around for information and found some mention of having to wait up until midnight of the installation date - which I did.

Shortly after midnight I tried to login to my account again, but the site was not functioning (errors), I tried again up until 1.00am before giving up.

[Thu 30 November]
I woke up to the same problem, opened an online chat with Vodafone and explained that my router wouldn't connect.
After checking some things I was put through to the 'Wifi Experts', went through resets and so on with no success. This call ended with a new router being ordered which should arrive through DPD in 24 to 48 hours.

[Fri 1 December]
Just setting off for work around 7.15am when I get a text message from DPD. They will be here between 12.30 and 1pm and will need to swap the new router with the old one. Damn, I was tryng to de-ice the car to get to work - but packed the router again and left it in the porch ready for DPD.
After returning that evening I saw the same router still there. Checked my emails and found DPD had been - but not exchanged the equipment. My account with DPD has the porch as the 'safe place' and neither DPD nor Vodafone said I had to be in to sign for anything. Indeed an email received from DPD the previous day said "We won't ask you to sign for your parcel, we'll take a photo of it instead in your open doorway as proof it has been delivered".

[Sat 2 December]
DPD arrive with the exchange router midday. I connect it up as it should be, to be met with the exact same problem.
Trying to troubleshoot, I get my login details needed to connect a third party router and try to connect with own Asus router with no success. The ONT won't provide an ip address from dhcp.
I contacted Vodafone again, long story short - an engineer visit is arranged for Monday 4 December. I arrange to be at home all day, not having been given a time scale at this point.

[Mon 4 December]
Twiddling my thumbs I waited around until midday, checking phone, emails and texts for any sign when they might arrive. After finding no communication I once again contact Vodafone around 2pm to eventually be told that CityFiber had put the visit 'on hold' and a new visit will need to be arranged. I had to end the call at this point as I was fuming. After a further phone call I ended up with another engineer visit scheduled for the following morning.

[Tue 5 December (today)]
Of course, I arranged to be in again today, it gets to 11.00am and I've once again had zero communication from either Vodafone or CityFiber so I startup another webchat.
Could anybody guess that I'm told once again that CityFiber have put the visit on hold and another visit will need to be arranged!
I asked to speak to a manager but I'm told that they can't escalate to a manager for some obscure reason.
They even mentioned that CityFiber said I had 'rejected' their visit which is an outright lie. I have no communication, missed calls, emails or texts from CityFiber since the original install.

Now I'm left with the rediculous situation of taking another day waiting for another visit which they say 'may be the 7th', but of course I have absolutely no confidence in that happening.

What options do I have here?



16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

This is obviously your original post that was marked as spam and has finally appeared @HappyGilmore 

Do I have a case to cancel after terrible service? - Community home (

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16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

This is obviously your original post that was marked as spam and has finally appeared @HappyGilmore 

Do I have a case to cancel after terrible service? - Community home (

Community Manager
Community Manager

@HappyGilmore - I've replied to your other post

Thinking of cancelling mate, have only just joined, not long. Having the same issue. Broadband. Round three times problem still not solved. Trying to blame it on my Xbox's. When it was OK on BT.