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FTTP available as a new customer with Vodafone but it's not available to upgrade

3: Seeker
3: Seeker



Openreach finished installing FTTP broadband on my street in September 2023.  I have the email notification to confirm.


I can get FTTP with any other provider including Vodafone as a new customer.


Unfortunately when I have tried to upgrade FTTP is not available on the upgrade system and basically I'm told computer says no.


Has anyone else had this issue and how did they get it resolved as I'm still over a year in on my contract.  Would it be a option to mutually agree to cancel my contract for free and then immediately start a new FTTP contract with Vodafone to negate the system issue?


Thanks Dean


11: Established
11: Established

If the computer says no there's no one that will be able to help you allegedly.

I've had a similar issue with them recently, their systems haven't updated and they don't have a mechanism to raise a check with the wholesaler.

Might be worth raising a complaint and seeing if they can trigger something!  

Thanks for the reply.  A complaint may be the best option.  Noone else gets past the computer says no lmao

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Exact same thing here - was notified that FTTP was now available 2 weeks ago via OpenReach email. I can start a new FTTP with Vodafone but no upgrade options, even when chatting with a real person they couldnt wrap their head around it or offer a solution.

A very frustrating issue! Surely it can be reported so the system can be double checked and updated? I believe in a year's time I'll still be waiting to upgrade as Vodafone's system still won't be up dated

Well, as advised above I have put a complaint in. I'll let you know if anything good comes of it

Thanks hopefully you get some good results!

Got the classic -


We've reviewed the details that you've provided about your complaint from your online form dated 23 October 2023 and can see you explained that you are looking to upgrade your home broadband to full fiber to premise.
We've now looked into this and found that at the moment this service is no available at your postcode. 
To resolve this, we would request you to give it up to 60 days and then try again for the upgrade. Also, cancelation at the moment is not possible as it will incur the early termination charges.
How daft can they be? The whole thing has been treated just as per the online Lvl 1 chat agent I contacted with no reflection on the fact we can start new FTTP contracts but cant upgrade

That's unfortunate.  It shows no effort or care in resolving a obvious mistake in the system.  A very poor show by Vodafone's customer services unfortunately 

RIGHT! Because they are apparently using the same system to try for an upgrade that we are and getting a false report back they are just saying "sorry, you cant get FTTP where you live" with no regard for the fact that it most definitely is.

I will persevere