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Fibre Home Broadband new contract keeps getting cancelled.

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

What's going on Vodaphone? You are advertised as a City Fibre agent in our area. As an existing mobile phone customer with several sims & data sims on our contract, we are trying to add the full fibre broadband.

The first time I applied, I heard nothing. Eventually I checked on my Vodaphone login and it had been cancelled. It looks like they tried several times to sort this, but it never happened.

The second time, after another hour almost on the phone, going through all the same details, I heard nothing, once again, the day before the installation date that had been suggested, I check My Vodaphone, it has been cancelled again.

WHY? And why no communication - even an email to the account email address explaining what is wrong would at least be useful and courteous.

Can anyone shed any light on this - I gather I'm not alone reading other posts.   



Hi @ralpheboy123 👋 I do apologise for the cancellations you've experienced with your order and the lack of information you've had surrounding this. We will be able to speak to our activations team to see what further information we can obtain, as to why this has happened. With this happening multiple times, I believe there may be some work that needs to be carried out by CityFibre for the order to proceed, but when we speak to the activations team we should be able to gather more details on this. If you could reach out to us via the social team here and we will be happy to look into this further. Andy