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Gigafast 900 - Websites not opening on laptops

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I recently had Vodafone Broadband Gigafast 900 installed at home. All of my family’s iPhones, Firesticks, tablets connected to it have stable lightning fast connections. However, when I am connected to it on any of the 4 laptops we have in our house, irrespective of which browser I am using, very rarely will a web page open.


At best I can connect (not always) to Google to do a search to call up a list of sites/web pages to connect to, but when I click on a link it very rarely opens & I usually get an error message saying ‘waiting for a response’ or ‘Hmm can’t reach this page.’ Very occasionally I will be able to open web pages & access sites on any of the laptops for a short period of time, but after 30 seconds or so it goes back to one of the error messages when I try to access a new page. The internet Network connection on all of the laptops throughout this shows as being connected to my Vodafone broadband. 

The fact that I am using different laptops & different browsers and having the same problems opening webpages has me stumped, especially as my phones, tablets etc are all connected to my Vodafone broadband at the same time as my laptop is & they can all open the same sites/webpages no problem. It is driving me mad! Any ideas on the possible cause & how to fix it would be appreciated. Thanks.