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Broadband connection

Having issues with my broadband.

2: Seeker

Tried phoning the helpline tonight but gave up after being on hold for an hour. Just switched my broadband over to Vodafone from EE last month and have found my download speed is nearly always up in the 25-35mbps range which is great, but none of my devices actually perform like they’re getting those speeds. I can’t stream sky go on my PS4 anymore as it just crashes or buffers every 30 seconds, most internet pages on my phone and laptop take an age to load or will say there’s no internet unless I refresh a couple of times. The issue is not with the devices as I’ve tested them on other wifi sources/4g and they work fine.


Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be? I’ve tried splitting the SSID but using 5ghz or 2.4ghz separately is even slower than normal. Never had these issues with EE.




cyberflix aostv cyberflix

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4: Newbie


What service are you paying for?

Things you could try...

Read thru this...


and see what you actually have...  

Signal-to-Noise Ratio5.4 dB7.4 dB


Try a different router, like an old EE one?

You need the VF username and password

1234567890 @







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4: Newbie

Wi-fi or Ethernet connections?

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