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Help with ASUS RT-AX 86S not connecting to ultrahub

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Hi...I'm freaking out here.

I am trying to link my Asus router in Access Mode to the Ultrahub. I also have a phone line so they both need to be connected.

I have tried the ethernet from ONT to the Asus - nothing happens and Have connected both together - ONT to Ultrahub LAN and Ultrahub WAN to ASUS LAN and again nothing. It's impossible to get to the ASUS GUI as It won't connect to the internet.

I actullay had this set up recently without any issues (had to do nothing) and have also reset the Asus to factory settings via reset button and did the set up as described in the manual (which i didn't even read before...Please help is you can - TIA :Winking_smiley:

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16: Advanced member

We learn to take a lot of what they tell us with a pinch of salt - they have no control over the gateway/routing unless you're a business customer. 

You can't downgrade mid-contract without a fee actually sounds quite sensible when you consider the business model.

I hope things go well and you get better routing within the three week period I experienced. 

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To  reply to both - No, no timers or timed gasgets/connections and reagrds the restarts, I haven't done any yet.

Just before 2pm was the VF restart after changing my Asus back to the Ultrahub for them to test stuff and another at 6pm for the Ultrahub being changed back to the Asus? My line was always very clean up until the past few days then bang into Birmingham ;(