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Broadband connection

How to exit the fixed term contract

2: Seeker

Hi All, 

I've been with Vodafone broadband for about 6 months now with an fixed-term 18 month contract. 

Internet connection keeps dropping. 

There is no help at all apart from some self-help steps to go through I found on the internet. 

I just wonder if I can quit the contract due to poor quality services. 


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16: Advanced member

To get out of the contract you would need to raise a complaint, and if they don't fix it within 8 weeks you can take it to CISAS, and if they find in your favour Vodafone will have to let you leave, plus they may have to provide compensation.

However it should be possible to resolve your complaint, but the support services seem totally lacking. 

Complaints Code of Practice | Vodafone

I thought all the recent contracts were for 24 months.


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Hi @lizlee I know important it is to stay connected and drops in service can be frustrating - I'd love to get everything sorted.

We'd need to take a look into your service to see what's happening, we'd only ever be able to look at cancelling a contract without penalty if you were completely without service and we we're unable to fix it within a reasonable time frame. 

Please come and chat to us over on social media so we can run some checks 🙂

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