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Modem Options to use own Router - Sync speed tests for VDSL modems?

2: Seeker

Hi all

Been using an old Openreach (HG612 3b) modem with a Netgear Orbi router/mesh setup for a while, getting sync speeds in the low 60s.  A recent network issue caused me to use the Vodafone VOX3 router to rule out hardware faults, which typically sync'd between 73-80 Mbit/s, so at least 20% faster!


As my bandwidth was capped with BT before I moved to VF I was never really too bothered about upgrading the modem, but it now seems this might be worthwhile.  Have looked through the forums, and can't see any real tried and tested options to use VOX3 in bridge / modem only mode, which means looking at upgrading the Huawei modem.


Has anyone done comparisons of sync speeds between an aftermarket modem and the VOX3?  Main options look like the Draytek Vigor 130 and various Zyxel modems (e.g. VMG 1312-B10A with BCM 63168 chipset), would like to ensure I invest in something that will give a comparable sync speed to the VOX3, but allow me to use as modem only.

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16: Advanced member

So a heads up on how this works to a degree.  The VF modems often get quite good download speeds at the expense of upload speeds, while the BT modems are conservative on the download but give far better upload speeds.

Any modem that allows you to tweak the SNR means that you can make that decision for yourself.  So personally I use a Draytek Vigor 130 and my syncs are 49/9.  Another popular model, if you can find them, are the Buffalo modem/routers which you can set up as either a combo or modem or router - but you have to make sure they are properly unlocked.  You might want to have a look at the forums on HTTP://

So Draytek Vigor 130 & Asus RT-AC86u running merlin firmware so I can monitor my speeds using spdMerlin and get the following results:

spdMerlin - Internet Speedtest Stats.png

showing actual speeds of 45.5/8 *Measured multiple times at night

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2: Seeker

Thanks, I think the best I saw on the VF router was 80/17.  I can't see what I get on the BT modem as it is not unlocked (on my to do list).


It was kitz that seemed to have a few people really pushing the Zyxel modems.

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