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New FTTP install query

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hi all, first time poster here so apologies if I’m asking this question in the wrong place!


Just moved from Sky’s Ultrafast FTTC G Fast service to Vodafone FTTP on Friday with the installation being carried out by Kelly Communications on behalf of City Fibre. 

In line with Virgin Media installation they had to dig the garden to get the fibre to the house, no problem with that at all. However where I do have an issue is the fact the fibre cable has been buried without any form of protection, i.e. placed in protective conduit similar to what Virgin do. Is this standard practice or just a corner cutting, time saving exercise by installers?


Would like to have a better understanding of what’s right & wrong before going down the road of contacting Vodafone/City Fibre directly. 



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Installation procedures may vary, but the common method in this area is an armoured yellow FLEXIBLE conduit, through which the fibre is then blown.  I know people who have thought that the conduit itself is the cable!

Thanks for the reply. I’m in Edinburgh so again install practices may vary vastly across the UK but there was definitely no sign of any conduit, just brown fibre cable nicely covered with soil & tucked in to splice in grass. This was despite me saying to the installers that I’d previously dug through an unprotected Virgin Media cable to which the response was “that doesn’t surprise me”