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New Install in Rental Property

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3: Seeker


My Son has just moved into a rented flat and has booked a broadband install for 6th January.

the master socket is a very old BT "piper" style split socket in the hall.  It couldn't be in a worse place as the hall is very small and cramped and he wants to hard wire a hi-fi streamer, TV and PS5 in the lounge.

As it's a rental property, he can't start digging up the floor (it's all laminate anyway, so impossible to do) and certainly doesn't want wires training all over the flat to connect a switch behind the TV.

Does anyone have any idea if the installer will update the master socket, or if they would make the connection to an existing telephone socket in the living room?

Other than that, I'm guessing we're looking at either powerline adapters of some sort of wireless bridge to get the internet to the TV?

Any thoughts/ideas gratefully recived. 




Hey @Geoff_UK I hope you're doing well and that everything has gone smoothly with your sons move 😊

The engineer will always try to use the properties existing master socket regardless of it's location. The router can of course be moved and plugged into any other BT extension socket within the home, but this can impact the speeds and stability of the broadband connection. 

If your son wants the master socket moving, he will need to contact his landlord and request permission for this. He can then speak to Openreach and request a 'Lift and Shift' to move the master socket to a better location 🙂

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@Geoff_UK wrote:

the master socket is a very old BT "piper" style split socket in the hall. 


What do you mean by "split socket"?

If it has two sockets, one for the phone and one for the DSL, then it has a built in filter and the router will not work in any other extension sockets.

It's the type in the middle above. 

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

In that case you could try running from an extension. but I would expect that to cause degradation in speeds/stability. Worth trying though. and compare what you get from the master and the extension.

If the Openreach engineer visits the property, have a word with them, they may be able to suggest the best solution.