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Fibre To The Property already installed

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Vodafone are finally offering a full fibre service which I want to take up.  We already have a full fibre connection to our property for reasons I will not bore you with, but accepting the offer online,  presumes that  in our case City Fibre, will need to come and make a new installation.  Does anyone know the section that I should  speak to at Vodafone to explain all this and short circuit the procedure?  I usually get nowhere trying the main numbers.   We do not have any service currently on the fibre connection. 


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

You say you already have a full fibre service, is that Openreach or CityFibre?

If it is CityFibre, I cant see why Vodafone would have a problem using it for their service.

We're in an area where the infrastructure has been installed by CityFibre, I'm sure Vodafone won't have a problem using it. I'm hoping that rather than wait for a month as per the current timings, the switch can be done more quickly and without the involvement of a CityFibre installation team.

It's determined at the point of sale if you need an appointed engineer to visit your property to complete the installation, although there are some occasions when this is reviewed closer to the activation date when they complete the pre-activation checks, @Flynnthedog. To speak to an adviser about your installation and see if an engineer is required to visit your property, you can call up on 03333 040 191 or message here.