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No broadband following fibre upgrade by Openreach

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

 Following an upgrade to full fibre on 12/12/2023 I have not had any broadband service. The Openreach engineer raised the fault with Vodaphone directly who then carried out work on the seized copper wire line until they realised their error . They then closed the complaint down and I had to start from scratch. The structure of Vodaphone's remote technical diagnostic service is not fit for purpose. I have spent hours on a daily basis carrying out tests and resets on the router. Taking photographs of the Openreach fibre optic box installed in my house, been asked to replace Ethernet cables and then finally on 17/12/2023 the fault was upgraded to a section know as 3rd technical who I'm told don't speak to customers but communicate via text. I am still unaware of what the issue is  despite asking a number of technical questions. I've raised a formal complaint and been offered £9per day compensation but its the service I require .Anyone had similar and resolved?


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Did you search the forum?

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

What lights are showing on the ONT?

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

I'm having a nightmare with my fibre after upgrading in September 23 - still having issues and I contact VF on a weekly basis nearly and continually get fobbed off saying Openreach are aware and investigating and fixing but cannot give me any details or timescales. I cant pair my router with broadband app and installation was delayed with engineer having to come back, was meant to get appointment text but instead engineer turned up next day as I was leaving to go to work and then had to wait 3 hours at my house for a cherry picker to complete set up. I didnt get a new router or ethernet cable either and I was offered to cancel my service FOC as it was substandard which I declined as I have together discount and couldn't cancel my phone plan with them at the same time. The network status checker still shows outage in area and has done for 4 months now I have received one month of free unlimited wifi to compensate for this - apparently I will get automatic compensation when it is fixed however I am not holding my breath...